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Open Access Books FAQs


How can I fund the cost of my research?

BPC’s are funded through three main avenues:

Open Access Books Funding Sources
Research Funding Bodies University Funding Self- Funded by Authors
  • Authors should contact research funding bodies as early as possible if they intend to publish their book or chapter open access
  • Authors should check the terms and conditions of their grant, as they may need to include the costs of open access in their budget
  • Universities award open access funding from a) Block grants from research funders e.g. UKRI and COAF b) Institutional open access funds
  • Authors should contact their university library or open access/open research contact to apply for open access funding. Most universities have a generic open access email address for researchers interested in publishing open access
  • Authors create a crowdsourcing page to fund the processing charge e.g. kickstarter


Where can I find open access books research funding bodies?

The Taylor & Francis Open Access Books Team have compiled a list of known open access book funders on our funding page. Here you will find funding sources listed by country to aid your search.

To learn more about your funding options, take a look at our Publishing Open Access Books: Funding page

Copyright Licence Queries

Which license does Taylor & Francis Books Open Access use?
Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles are published under a Creative Commons license. Our preferred license is Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license. Under this license, others may download your work and share it as long as they credit you, but they can't change it in any way or use it commercially. The license also allows for text- and data-mining of your works. The full legal code is available here.

But we are prepared to be flexible on the specifics of the Creative Commons license for your OA book based on funder and author needs. Contact your editor for more details.

It is our view that this license provides the best combination of dissemination and protection, particularly for our authors in humanities and social sciences.

It was our authors’ stated preference in the Open Access Survey: Exploring the views of Taylor & Francis and Routledge authors which corroborated the OAPEN-UK HSS Researcher Survey Results by JISC Collections.

We believe that we are offering the licensing option that best respects our authors’ preferences and practical considerations but we are prepared to discuss other licensing options based on funder’s policies.

Publication Charges

What are the publication charges for Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles?
Prices for a full monograph start from £10,000 / $13,000, plus applicable taxes. Prices for individual chapters start from £1,250 / $1,625 plus tax.

Authors also have the option to publish in various book formats. For more information, please get in contact with the applicable subject editor more information. Editorial contacts can be found at

When would this need to be paid?
When the final manuscript is submitted to Taylor & Francis, unless otherwise agreed.

What would this charge cover?
Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles benefit from the usual high standards of professionalism and expertise as our non-OA titles and receive the same editorial guidance, peer review, production values, sales and marketing support and global distribution. Taylor & Francis will pay for the book to be professionally indexed unless the author wishes to compile their own index.

How has the charge been calculated?
We have calculated the OA charge based on the revenue we would usually receive to cover the typical costs involved in the publishing process including editorial, production, marketing, sales, IT and distribution.

Are any discounts or waivers available on the OA fees?
Taylor & Francis is committed to bringing research by scholars in emerging nations to the attention of the global academic community. We also want to make the option to publish open access available to as many researchers as possible. To help achieve this we offer waivers and discounts on the Book Publishing Charges (BPCs) normally required to publish in the Taylor & Francis Books Open Access programme for authors with primary affiliations based in countries defined by the World Bank as ‘Low-Income Economies’ or ‘Lower-Middle-Income Economies’. Contact your editor for more details.

What if the authors change their mind or the open access funding falls through before submission?
Taylor & Francis would discuss the best available options with the relevant author(s) but would be most likely to proceed with the book in the normal way for a non-OA title.


What is the peer-review procedure for Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles?
Taylor & Francis is committed to the highest standards of peer-review in order to maintain our reputation for scholarly rigour and quality control and this is equally true for any Open Access book titles.

All Taylor & Francis Books Open Access titles will be sent out to multiple referees before there is any agreement to proceed with them. Contracts to publish will only be issued after satisfactory peer-review. The final manuscript may also be submitted to further refereeing either by a series editor or by an external reviewer.

Publishing Suitability & Formats

What types of book projects will you publish as part of Taylor & Francis Books Open Access?
Our Open Access Books program is flexible to author needs, we publish both OA chapters and books across STEM, Humanities and the Social Sciences.
Books can be single-authored or have multiple authors and we offer a range of text types, from monographs to conference proceedings, textbooks to short form titles (titles between 25-50k words).To get a better understanding of where your book will fit, read our text type descriptions and download their proposal guidelines. If you are unsure where your book fits, contact an Editor.

Like our traditional publishing, the open access book proposal will be evaluated initially by the subject editor then peer-reviewed by respected academic specialists who provide independent advice on the content, quality, and potential market for a finished book. If peer reviews are positive, the subject editor will take the book proposal to an internal editorial meeting for consideration.

In what formats will a Taylor & Francis Books Open Access book be published?
Upon publication, your monograph will be freely and immediately available online on the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform and clearly identified as ‘open access’. Readers will be able to read online or download a DRM-free PDF.

Taylor & Francis Books Open Access eBooks may be included in our e-collections but customers will not be charged for them.

A print version of the book will be made available for customers still wanting to purchase a hard copy of the book. Authors may be entitled to royalties on any print sales of the book.

Submission & Content Guidelines for Authors

How do I publish my research via Taylor & Books Open Access?
In the first instance, please contact the appropriate editor and let them know details of your proposal and that it is your intention to publish this via Taylor & Francis Books Open Access.

General proposal submission information can be found at:

Authors also have the option to publish in various book formats. For more information, please contact the applicable subject editor. To browse the books formats avaliable, take a look at our Publishing Guidelines and Documents page

For general queries, please contact: [email protected]

After I contact the appropriate editor, what happens next?
Your proposal will be evaluated initially by the subject editor and then sent out for peer review to at least two referees. Assuming that there is a positive outcome to the refereeing process, you will be issued with a contract specifically designed for open access publications. When the final manuscript is submitted and accepted by the Publisher, you will be expected to pay the publication charges. Your manuscript will then go through the normal Taylor & Francis production process and be published OA approximately five months later. Your publication will feature in the appropriate Taylor & Francis subject catalogues and other relevant marketing material.

Can I use third party material where permission may be required?
We do allow the use of third party materials requiring permissions in our OA books and chapters. As with a traditionally published book it is the responsibility of the author to clear permissions for reuse in an OA book. Need help? Take a look at our Author Publishing Guidelines which will guide you through the permissions process.

I have an existing book contract with Taylor & Francis. Can I change this to publish the book open access?
You would need to contact your editor at Taylor & Francis to discuss this but this should not be a problem if you have the necessary funding.

I have published a book with Taylor & Francis. Can I now publish the book open access?
We have converted some of our older backlist titles to Open Access as part of the Taylor & Francis Books Open Archive project. We would also consider converting a published book to Open Access for a suitable fee. Please contact your editor for more details.