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Aviation Fundamentals

About the Series

Aviation Fundamentals is a series of air transport textbooks that incorporate instructional design principles to present content in a manner that is engaging to the learner, at an accessible level for young adults, allowing for practical application of the content to real-world problems via cases, reflection questions and examples. Each textbook will be supported by a companion website of supplementary materials and a test bank.

The series is designed to help facilitate the recruitment and education of the next generation of aviation professionals (NGAP), a task which has been named a ‘Global Priority’ by the ICAO Assembly. It will also support education for new air transport sectors that are expected to rapidly evolve in future years, such as commercial space and the civil use of remotely piloted aircraft. The objective of Aviation Fundamentals is to become the leading source of textbooks for the variety of subject areas that make up aviation college/university degree programmes, evolving in parallel with these curricula.

3 Series Titles

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Fundamentals of Aviation Operations

Fundamentals of Aviation Operations

1st Edition

Gert Meijer
July 31, 2020

This book provides a general introduction into aviation operations, covering all the relevant elements of this field and the interrelations between them. Numerous books have been written about aviation, but most are written by and for specialists, and assume a profound understanding of the ...

Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy

Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy

1st Edition

Benjamyn I. Scott, Andrea Trimarchi
September 23, 2019

Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy offers students a systematic, tailored and dynamic approach to understanding the legal scenario concerning international civil aviation. The book dynamically covers the major areas of international aviation law, and provides an introduction to ...

Fundamentals of International Aviation

Fundamentals of International Aviation

1st Edition

Suzanne K. Kearns
March 21, 2018

International aviation is a massive and complex industry that is crucial to our global economy and way of life. Fundamentals of International Aviation, designed for the next generation of aviation professionals, flips the traditional approach to aviation education. Instead of focusing on one ...

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